Original Training

People at large are not aware of a very interesting thing. They are not aware that anything can be done about anybody.

The cop who gives you a ticket takes it in his normal stride that this is just the way it is. The hospital attendants who’ve picked the remains out of the drunken-driving wreck, the very best thought in various professions that should have to do with this, are all agreed that there’s nothing you can do about it.
In other words, you have a cop down here and he is on the juvenile- delinquent unit, and he goes around and he arrests them and he throws them in jail and they get out of jail and he throws them in jail and he gets them out of jail. And he says, “After a while they’ll go to the big house and then they’ll serve two years and they’ll come out and we’ll put them back in and then they’ll come out and we’ll put them back in and they’ll come out. And that’s the way this all is and there’s nothing can be done about it anyway.” And he says, “What’s the use of arresting these car thieves? What’s the use of arresting them? You just send them to jail and they spend a year or so in jail and they get out and twenty-four hours after they get out, why, they steal another car. There’s nothing you can do about these people. They’re crazy. And there’s nothing you can do about the mind, and so it’s all hopeless. So why should I be nice to anybody? Why should I be decent to anybody? It’s just all a sorry mess and there’s no piece of string you could pull out of it and start it getting unraveled, noplace.” That is his state of mind. Only he doesn’t even know he’s in this state of mind, usually.
In our society today many organizations and companies continue to treat their employees and staff as if they have nothing good to contribute. We continue to pick and choose winners and losers without ever pausing to ask if perhaps we could do something to give each employee a chance to better their own lot. There are technology tools like learning management systems which can be set up to deliver on-demand material on any subject to anyone anywhere at anytime. The power of an LMS implementation to re-orient someone's life trajectory should not be underestimated.
Now, let’s see how this barrier all by itself would influence a large society such as this. Here we have this remarkable thing: a computation that the only way to bring about law and order or to bring about control or direction or even betterment, is by applying more restraint, more law, more handcuffs. And that is the computation.

It is not a willful computation particularly. It is just the way it is all done. The more force we apply to the criminal, to the juvenile delinquent, to the stupid, the more force we apply to the student who will not study, the more stupidity, the less study, the more juvenile delinquency, the more crime. In other words, we’re just adding to it—add, add, add, add. Instead of applying this kind of wrong pressure or leverage, lets use the concepts of slight edge to apply a different kind of pressure. Let's give these kids and employees or staff members the chance to better themselves by introducing them to Talent Management and Development. The rise of MOOCs and other open libraries of content means literally anyone anywhere on the planet can access the powerful tools known to humanity - knowledge.
Someplace along the line some group has to take the responsibility over of turning the tide of this course of thought. And in view of the fact that we are dealing with thought and not with masses, we can do it. In view of the fact that we are dealing with the spiritual side of life and not its swords, it can be done. If we tried to do it with the sword, we would still be doing the same thing that the society is doing: control with handcuffs, jail cells, operations, electric shocks, duress, punishment, bad control, threat, fear. All of these things give us simply more deterioration. But we don’t have to go along that line.

We have found a singular fact. And that is that a small increase in freedom brings an increase in civilized attitude.
Here is a great oddity, because the society at large doesn’t believe this. If you increased somebody’s freedom you would increase the amount of trouble in the society; that is the way they would think about it. And that happens to be a lie.

By decreasing freedom you increase trouble. By increasing freedom you decrease trouble. That is the truth. Why else will be ability to access the group or hive collective become the highest form of enlightenment. For example think of the number of times you have access movie review sites or product reviews sites to seek out what others think about a particular product or movie? We have even extended this to travel, entertainment, government services and business software reviews

(Processing is another word for auditing, which is the form of spiritual counseling unique to Scientology. The auditor—from the Latin audire “to hear”—one who listens, asks sets of questions called “processes” which help the individual look at his own existence and improve his ability to confront what he is and where he is.) Now, somebody comes up once in a while and he says, “Now, under processing, isn’t it really true—now, confidentially—isn’t it really true that you uninhibit somebody?”